Off-site Safety Management Course


 This 15-hour, two-day course concentrates on the need to plan, manage and evaluate any off-site visit in any context.  It aims to equip leaders with the ability to apply knowledge, understanding and problem solving skills in a range of contexts to the standards that would be needed in the workplace. Scroll down for the full curriculum download.

Mental Health, Risk Management and Trips


The one-day course looks at understanding mental health, signs and symptoms of mental illness and the intersection of mental health, risk management and trips. It equips candidates with tools and strategies for pre-departure planning and management on the trip with mental health in mind. The course makes use of case studies, scenarios, risk assessment, care/wellness plans and more.

One-day Risk Assessment Training


This one-day course focuses on the craft of risk assessment. Leading participants through the steps in constructing a risk assessment, how to evaluate risk and who is responsible for writing risk assessments within your organisation.

OSSM One-day Refresher Course


Over the last ten years 100s of people in Canda have been trained in the OSSM course, this refresher is designed for staff who have already completed the full OSSM course, or those wishing to look at a sample of risk ideas and strategies before diving in deeper.