About Melville Risk Consulting

Louise Melville


 Louise is a full-time teacher, experiential educator and risk manager. She has  been teaching and managing risk for nearly three decades in the UK and Canada. She has a MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and is currently a  PhD candidate researching risk management in an educational setting.  



As a geography teacher Louise has  been taking students outside the classroom since the start of her career. Louise developed a deep connection to the concept of risk, risk perception and attitudes to risk through her work running field trips in the UK. When she moved to Canada 15 years ago she took  a personal risk to further her education and then establish a risk training company, the rest is history (well, to her it's still geography!). 

Risk Training and Consulting


 MRC offers risk management training and consulting to schools and organisations. This includes the globally renowned Off-Site Safety Management course certified by The Royal Geographical Society, as well as Risk Management, Mental Health and Trips, and Risk Assessment courses.  Louise has consulted with many Canadian independent schools, service providers and organisations across North and South America. She has written guidelines for CAIS, and is currently working with Girl Guides Canada to develop a national policy.